Comeback Love - Peter Golden

I love the idea of second chances later in life, especially when it involves the one that got away. So I should have loved this book. Except that I didn't.

There was one thing that kept me from loving this book: I just didn't get Glenna. She claimed to love Gordon, but sent him packing for no apparent reason. She hated the work she did at her friend's clinic, but passed on Woodstock so she could stay in town and do more work. Every time she baited Gordon, every fight she had with him had me asking, "Why would she do that to him? If she loves him as madly as she claims, why would she act like that?"

And because I didn't get Glenna, by default I didn't get Gordon, who was so blindly in love with her that 30 some odd years after having his heart torn out by her, as he was going through the greatest emotional trauma he had ever suffered since said heartbreak (personally I would rank the second one much worse), he decides to look her up. He seemed to have moved on and, in my opinion, had a more emotionally satisfying life than Glenna. I understand that she had been the one great love of his life, but why anyone want to reconnect with someone so irrational, especially after finding out about the nature of Glenna's "rebound" relationship? That should have been devastating enough to the ego to never EVER want to look back.

Not to mention that I would have been suicidal if I'd ended up like Glenna: a widow, alone because I'd rejected the one man I'd ever been passionately in love with, and later knowing that I'd passed up my only chance at motherhood when I threw away his unborn child - this was just too depressing to dwell on.