A Slight Change of Plan - Dee Ernst
I'm convinced that Dee Ernst has a mind probe which periodically zones in on my brain. How else would she be able to so accurately describe my experience of first true love, its aftermath and ongoing effects after nearly 30 years? There's also no other way she would know how I can't possibly begin to regret that I didn't get the life I wanted at 20, because it would mean regretting the events that caused the existence of the three children I would die for.

It goes without saying that I connected with this book and its characters on so many levels. I was so sad when it ended, because I wanted it to continue. I wanted to see more of Kate's journey, and in the process, see what more I could learn about myself.

Thank you, Ms. Ernst, for writing a book that touched on all of my hopes, joys, disappointments and insecurities. I loved it so much, it almost hurts.