Magnificent Vibration: A Novel - Rick Springfield
Douglas Adams meets Jonathan Tropper.

I realized as I was actually getting ready to post this review that it's just all over the place, so please excuse my lack of cohesion.

If poking fun at religion offends you, do not read this book.

I had initially planned on buying the book just so I could meet the man I'd had such a huge crush on when I was 15. He was doing a book signing nearby and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. As details of the book leaked out, I was intrigued. It seemed like something I would want to read anyway.

Recently divorced Horatio "Bob" Cotton is despondent when he stumbles across a book with telephone number to God scrawled on the inside. THE God, "Big 'G' little 'o,' 'd.'" And God has a sense of humor. It's a little dark, and a little off kilter, and it really throws Horatio for a loop.

I don't really want to give away the story, so I'll just saying it's irreverent and funny, and at its core has a very real and serious message for everyone who inhabits this "Beautiful Blue/Green/White Majestic Starlight," otherwise known as Earth. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the prude in me couldn't help wondering if maybe it could have had fewer references to, um, self-gratification and Horatio's seemingly constant state of arousal.

Still not sold in it? How about this: it has the Loch Ness Monster, the Angel of Death and a hot nun! Referring to it as a fun romp sounds so cliche, and I am loathe to do so, but that's really what it is.

I like that we don't know what ultimately happens to Horatio/Bob. We're left wondering, imagining two possible outcomes. I hope Rick doesn't write a sequel. Good literature should make you think, not spell everything out for you.

The truly unfortunate thing about this book is that the segment of the English-speaking population who would most enjoy it will probably never even consider picking it up. I am referring to men. Ladies, those of you who actually get around to reading it and hopefully enjoy it as I did, tell the men in your lives to give it a shot. They'll probably be embarrassed to be seen with anything bearing the name Rick Springfield, but they won't be disappointed.