The Long Valley - John Steinbeck, John H. Timmerman
I don't really read short story collections, so I don't really know how this one stacks up when compared to others. The story entitled Flight is reason I picked it up. I remember reading it in high school and for whatever reason, I kept its memory tucked away in my brain for an untold number of years. Sadly, I could not recall it's title, only that it was written by Steinbeck. A few months ago when my husband and I were discussing Steinbeck, I mentioned it, and he also recalled reading it some years ago, and he made it his mission to track it down. And so here I am now, trying to write down my thoughts on this collection. Some stories I particularly enjoyed (The Chrysanthemums, The White Quail, and of course, Flight), and one I really didn't get (St. Katy the Virgin), but for the most part, I found these stories to be just okay. Despite my indifference, 3 stars just felt too stingy considering how much I enjoyed some of the stories.