King's X - Stephen T. Harper
A secret so dangerous, those who possess it will do anything to keep it from falling into the enemy's hands. And the enemy won't bat an eye at committing any atrocity in it's pursuit. A secret so old, knowledge of it has made its way into the mythology of virtually all belief systems. It's protectors and pursuers have fought time and again through the ages. Eventually, that battle made its way to the streets of Los Angeles in 1968 . . . .

I won this book through First Reads, and received a copy personally signed by the author. Thank you!

I generally do not read this genre, but when King's X came up as a First Reads giveaway, the premise sounded intriguing. So I entered and won. I was not disappointed. This was a brilliant piece of storytelling, thoroughly captivating from start to finish. I see that some readers have had difficulty with the changing points of view. I did not find this to be a problem at all. Given the subject matter, it might have been a major problem with a less skilled writer, but Mr. Harper was very meticulous in revealing the pieces of this story so that it was neither rushed nor drawn out. I found the narrative compelling and easy to follow. Although this book could stand alone, there are enough unanswered questions where an equally well-written sequel would also be compelling.