Nights in Rodanthe - Nicholas Sparks
I have a teenaged daughter who has spent the last year devouring every Nicholas Sparks novel she can get her hands on, and has been begging me to give him a chance. Since I recall having been interested in seeing the movie, I decided to start with this one.

I found Mr. Sparks to be easy to read, and the story to be immediately engaging. Adrienne was a middle aged woman who was left reeling when her husband of 18 years left her for a younger woman. The experience left her feeling insecure and unattractive. Three years later, while watching an inn for a friend, she meets a man who changes her life. This story was both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

All in all, it was not a bad introduction to this author. At some point, I will likely read more by Mr. Sparks.

A quick side note - I met the man yesterday; he did a book signing at a nearby bookstore, and my daughter insisted on going. I found him to be charming and gracious, in short, a very nice person. We arrived minutes before the event began and were told by others in line that he had already gone down the line to meet people and pose for photographs.