A Streak Across the Sky - Jack Erickson
I would actually give this one three and a half stars, but since half stars are not available, I rounded up.

I won a copy of this book on Good Reads on 12/24/11, and promptly received it on 1/3/12 from the author himelf, who had kindly signed it for me. Thank you, Mr. Erickson!

As for the story itself, I'm sorry to say I almost stopped reading on page 1 after this line: "Her damp arm looked so tasty I wanted to put my mouth down and lick off the tea." I was afraid it would degrade into something tasteless and cheesy.

My fears were unfounded, though, as the story did turn sweet after that. The description leads the reader to believe that only one of the two is hiding something when in fact, that first summer they are both withholding important information which would severely hinder the start of a serious relationship. It was a very tender and touching story, and the only reason I cannot give it a better rating is because given how it ends, I can't help likening it to one of my favorite contemporary novels (which I refuse to name as it would be a huge spoiler), and sadly A Streak Across the Sky pales in comparison. Still, it is a pleasant, engaging and quick read.