B-Sides and Broken Hearts - Caryn Rose
Lisa Simon is a woman who knows what's important in her life and doesn't bother even pretending to conform. All that changes after she suffers a devastating loss in which she also loses a huge chunk of herself. This is her story as she emerges from the fog she lived in for over a decade to reclaim her old self. At the core of her journey is her love of music. It is what sustains her and what she shares with her friends and loved ones.

Familiarity with the music repeatedly referenced in the book, while not necessary, certainly helps one's understanding, and definitely adds to the enjoyment of the story. Anyone who has ever made a life-altering decision and lived to regret it will be able to sympathize with Lisa. Lisa's journey comes down to one simple fact that seems obvious, but I suspect that many people miss it: choose the people you surround yourself with carefully, as they say much more about who you really are than you can.

I read that some people are referring to B-Sides and Broken Hearts as High Fidelity from a female perspective. While I am a huge fan of Nick Hornby, I found this story much enjoyable than High Fidelity, probably because I'm a woman. In fact, I enjoyed my Kindle edition so much, that I'm going to order a hard copy of this book - I do so love the weight and smell of an actual book!