The End of Boys - Peter Brown Hoffmeister
This was an interesting memoir of the author's transition from childhood to his out-of-control teen years, and while I laud him for his honesty in relating events that can only be painful to look back on, it felt like something was missing. Mr. Hoffmeister's relationship with his father was strained, and at times abusive. By the end of the memoir, we get a glimpse of what adult life has been like for the author, and while I'm glad he straightened himself out and everything seems to have worked out for him, I can't quite understand how he and his father finally came to terms with their differences and rebuilt their relationship. In one scene, they're ready to come to blows, the hostility between them almost palpable, and then later on, everything between them is fine. Even if no reconciliation took place between them, I would have liked a description of how Mr. Hoffmeister came to be all right with their past. However, considering that this was available as a free download, I shouldn't complain because other than that, it was an engrossing enough read.