The Ghosts of Melrose - Buzz Malone, Lorri Forst
I'm torn. This was such an engaging and ultimately uplifting story, but at the same time there were some truly jarring errors: the phrase "per say" rather than "per se" and the use of the word prospective when the correct word would have been respective. I know there are those out there who would call me nit-picky, but I can't help it. Nothing pulls me out of an engaging narrative faster than improper language usage (unless it's intentional/necessary for plot/character development). Had this story been professionally published (I believe CreateSpace is an outlet for self-publishing), these errors would have been quickly found and corrected. Hopefully, this story is strong enough that it will bring Mr. Malone to the attention of a proper publisher, and any future works will not suffer from this.

Negativity aside, I really, really liked the story. And since the obvious errors were few and far between, I'll forgive them because I did enjoy it so much. Aidan Keane is such a likeable tragic character. From what I gather, the story is based in fact, and I'm curious as to how much is true and how much is artistic license.