Bait and Switch - Larry Brooks
Wow. This is SOO not the type of book I normally read, and had it not been for the fact that the Kindle version was on sale at Amazon, I probably would not have bothered. I was very pleasantly surprised. The central character, Wolfgang (Wolf for short) Schmitt is a very likeable part-time model who works full time in advertising. Just short of middle age, and still trying to get over a recent painful break-up, he comes to the conclusion that he hates what he does. When he is offered a life-changing opportunity, he finds himself embroiled in a complex plot involving billionaires, the IRS, the FBI, seduction, blackmail, murder and double-crosses. All in all, this book was a very satisfying thrill ride. The further I read, the harder it got to put the book down when pointless distractions, like preparing dinner for my kids, got in the way.

I just have two minor points to take issue with. First, all of the people in this book are described as incredibly gorgeous, poised, sexy, driven and self-confident. Someone like me (short, slightly overweight, not blonde, and basically completely average looking) would not exist in this world.

My second criticism is aimed specifically at the formatting of the Kindle version. There were frequent line breaks in the middle of sentences, making it look like a new paragraph was beginning which made me think I had missed something, and then I would have to go back and re-read the last couple of lines before realizing it was the formatting that was off. There were also a few words that were hyphenated midway through, as if they should have been at the end of a line to be continued on the next, except that they were located right smack dab in the middle of the line. Of course, I don't have a stand alone Kindle and had to make do with my Droid phone Kindle app. It may well be that these formatting glitches do not exist on an actual Kindle.