Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul, and Rock & Roll - 'Ann Wilson',  'Nancy Wilson',  'Charles R. Cross'
As much as I've loved Heart through the decades, I have to admit I knew precious little about them. Apart from the fact that Nancy was married to Cameron Crowe, I knew nothing about their personal lives. This memoir takes us through their childhood (constantly relocating each time their Marine father was reassigned), all the way through to the release of their latest CD, Fanatic.

Apart from showing us what private individuals the Wilson sisters are, Kicking and Dreaming also shows us that Ann and Nancy are huge music fans. One of their greatest joys (apart from playing music) has been meeting some of the great musicians who inspired them, and those who were inspired by them. (Ann was a sort of house-mother for many soon-to-be-famous Seattle musicians in the early 90s).

For the most part, it read like the story of two average girls on a trip behind the scenes of the music industry, meeting up with a lot of rock stars, never mind that they were rock stars in their own right. Some of the meetings made me cringe (Marshall Tucker Band), while others made me laugh (Freddie Mercury asking Ann who the real Magic Man was. "It's me, isn't it? You meant me, didn't you, Ann?" And FYI, she does go into detail about her real Magic Man, in case there are other clueless fans like me).

The only real issue I have with the book is that the first half of the book has a very impersonal feel to it. Almost like they were having a hard time connecting with their most distant memories. Which I guess makes sense. It's far easier to analyse your motivations for things you did last year, or even ten years ago, versus events that took place fifty years ago.

I would highly recommend this book for any long-time Heart fan, or for a die hard music fan who wants another perspective on the music scene in the 70s and 80s.

I love these ladies! They're doing an in-store book signing here in Los Angeles in September. I can't wait!