Mary Jo Putney's Lost Lord Bundle: Loving a Lost Lord, Never Less Than A Lady, Nowhere Near Respectable, & No Longer a Gentleman - Mary Jo Putney
I after my most recent foray into the suspense genre (which I have now realized I thoroughly dislike), I decided to cleanse my literary palate of the bad taste it left with some utterly mindless escapism.

And mindless it was, because if we're going to be honest, we don't read these books to broaden our minds. We read these books to escape from the mundanity of our day to day lives. And as far as these particular stories are concerned, I found them to be a delightful two week romp. Fluff at its finest. The only real criticism I have is with the first and fourth stories. There were just too many happy coincidences. Even allowing for a generous dose of suspension of disbelief, the events in these stories are just too far a stretch.

Ms. Putney managed to create a perfect hero in each story, and I was surprised at how much I liked each of these gentlemen. Having now read all four, I do believe I'm partial to Mac from Nowhere Near Respectable (the third story) above the other three.

And it appears that Ms. Putney has two more books planned in this series, and I enjoyed the first four enough that I may well check out the new ones when they are released.