Out of Sorts - Aurélie Valognes, Wendeline A Hardenberg
I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I guess I was expecting too much. The description sounded a lot like [b:A Man Called Ove|18774964|A Man Called Ove|Fredrik Backman|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1405259930s/18774964.jpg|21619954], which I absolutely loved. Ove had a gruff exterior, but was a decent human being. Ferdinand had the same gruff exterior, but he could also be very vindictive. And while his dealings with one particular neighbor might have been justified, especially after we learn how devious she was, sometimes he was just plain mean for no good reason.

And while he does come around in the end, it didn't leave me all warm and fuzzy. We are meant to feel that the positive influences of Juliette and Beatrice caused him to soften, I can't help feeling that he was still being vindictive, trying to reclaim what he feels the mailman stole from him (which he - the mailman - totally didn't. He just filled in a void left wide open by Ferdinand himself).

In the end, it was "the mailman" I felt sorry for. He was the one who truly loved those who were cast aside by Ferdinand, and he was the one who lost a beloved wife and companion, and a family when his late wife's daughter and grandson chose to move in with Ferdinand.