Young Master Darcy: A Lesson in Honour - Pamela Aidan
Fan fiction at its best! Because at its core, that it what Pamela Aidan writes. Since her works are published, it is of a better quality than the majority of the writing of this type that proliferates the web. Her original characters are fully developed, not just cardboard cutouts to fill in the background of her story. Even characters which we were aware of but were never seen in the original work by Jane Austen (the senior Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Darcy) have been brought to life in a believable way.

This particular volume shows a 13 year old Fitzwilliam Darcy returning home for the Christmas holidays after finishing his first term at Eton. It is a holiday season which will be a turning point for the young man he is becoming, first on hearing some devastating news, and then as events unfold which shed some light on why as an adult he was so determined to resist the obvious charms of and his own attraction to Miss Elizabeth Bennett.

Despite the fact that it is a fully developed story with an adequate amount of detail, I still can't bring myself to give it more than three stars. I simply wanted more! 120 pages is not enough with writing of this caliber and such well developed, likable characters.

As a side note, this publisher, Wytherngate Press, has, in my opinion, now developed a reputation for bad proofing before printing. Although there were not nearly as many typos as in other books of theirs I have read, there were still enough to notice, and in such a short volume as this, that is inexcusable.